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«I am absolutely delighted with my order, their advice and their availability because I recently lost my horse and I only had a few manes of his mane. The bracelet is beautiful and the pendant is of a rare refinement, I could not imagine a better last memory of my beloved companion. I also received the rest of the manes carefully washed and detangled. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness! »

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Horsehair rings, bracelets and others accessories have been made available to be found since 2013 in the best equestrian fair. The young jewelry brand is shown at Equita Lyon, la Grande semaine of Fontainebleau and even at the famous Paris equestrian fair. Galvanized by great feedbacks and followed by experienced entrepreneurs, Ausica keep going and begins to diversify its range of equestrian jewelry.   In 2015, the creator meets a high-jewelry making figure: Mr Henneron. A collaboration between these two passionate people is born at the same time for making horsehair jewelry. Horsehair is a noble fabric and was always associated with luxury, so naturally Maison Ausica and Maison Henneron launch together a high-jewelry range which they will call the Oz collection.   The brand stands out more and more thanks to the elegance and sobriety of its horsehair jewelry collections. That's when a famous name in the equestrian world: Michel Robet, Olympic medalist in 1988 and 1992, was offered a bracelet created personally from the hair of his heart hose. Other famous names in the equestrian world will be seduced by the jewelry: Camille Condé Ferreira, Abdelkébir Ouaddar, Lorenzo de Luca, Jessica Michel… Renowned athletes who will be affected as much by the finesse of the collections as by the emotional symbolism of the object. Since its beginnings in the early 19th century, horsehair is a material that has always been used in worlds where the precious know-how of Man has worked wonders. Handmade horsehair braiding adorned the most beautiful pieces of luxury furniture and decoration such as embroidered cushions or living room furniture. But to reduce horsehair to decoration would be forgetting that it also plays an important role in the music world by providing the precious bows of the violinists.

A range of horsehair jewelry

Horsehair is a raw and unique material. No horsehair is the same and shades merge with each others in subtle blends. Cheerful black, bright white, red or gray, sublime horsehair colors which are each washed, sorted and combed. Each step is done by hand with the utmost respect for the material. This special attention helps making horsehair jewelry each more robust than the other.   The singularity and the beauty of horsehair make it possible to design current and modern horsehair jewelry collections that can please as many people as possible. Each piece of jewelry, whether horsehair bracelets, accessories or even rings, are designed with the utmost care. All products, regardless of the range, are decorated with quality materials. Vermeil, 925 silver and solid gold also contribute to the exception of the Maison Ausica horsehair jewelry.