Horsehair bracelet

Horsehair jewlery is a unique and singular piece, symbol of the relationship between a horseman and his horse. The horsehair of your horse will be used to make a  delicate and fine creation. Through this very personal jewel, the affective link is perpetuated over time.

Our horsehair bracelets

Collections evolve over time and the breading and weaving, each one finer than the other, give and authentic touch to this unique piece of jewelry. Each horsehair send to us is clean, selected and hand combed to give robustness and solidity to the horsehair bracelet for men or woman.


Two strings to sublimate wrists, the alliance of nobility and horsehair, leather and horsehair cuff for en trendy touch, an infinite collection to please every style whether it be more delicate or elegant.


Some horsehair bracelets can be adorned with stones. To follow the trend, we’ve created bracelet with Swarovski and Pandora pearls. A beautiful way to follow the trend and to keep a strong connection with his horse.


Maison Ausica also choose very different lock styles. Different shapes, materials and colors to perfectly complete the horsehair bracelets of our collections. Most locks are stainless steel, silver or gold. Gold and silver are a collaboration with French and British jewelry maker. Some locks are more manly like the bayonet one, others more stylish like the shackle one. It all depends on what you would like to wear on your wrist.


Handmade horsehair bracelets

Each horsehair bracelet is designed and handmade by Maison Ausica in our French facilities in the north of France. Each piece is a unique horsehair jewel fully customisable and custom-made. You send us horsehair of your horse and we make your horsehair bracelet depending on the design you choose and the size of your wrist.