Men’s horsehair bracelets made by Maison Ausica are all original and unique creations. Hand-drawn and made in our workshops in the North of France, all horse bracelets are unique in their design and the horsehair provided by each rider, we can provide horsehair.

 Our horsehair bracelets

 Maison Ausica is inspired by simple and beautiful things that punctuate equestrian life and from current trends in design and fashion to make its horsehair jewelry. The designer also feeds on this unweaving link between a man and his horse. A very special relationship that Maison Ausica wishes to trace through horsehair jewelry which are real contemporary creations that can be worn very easily in everyday life.

 Horsehair is a very noble material that has been used for a long time in many luxury sectors. Particularly appreciated and worked in decoration, he has long dressed beautiful fabrics and helped to manufacture high-standing furniture. Material diverted from its primary use, horsehair is today becoming a real signature in the high jewelry world to symbolize another nobility: one of a very strong bond between two beings, a horse and its rider.

By it aesthetic and nobility, horsehair bracelets are accessories that go well with any outfit and can be worn for all occasions. For competitions, training, but also everyday life. Men’s horsehair bracelets go with everyday outfits as well as with more sophisticated outfits that are worn for more special events.

Each horsehair bracelet was designed by our designer. The chic and trendy designs are in tune with the time and the men’s horsehair bracelets are carefully and meticulously finished with equally refined materials. The locks chosen by the designer for horsehair bracelets are manly locks such as a spring pin, square steel lock or the very elegant black and white striped lock reminiscent of an obstacle bar.

 Some designs of men’s bracelet are more worked, such as, for example, the C&C model which is a male horsehair bracelet made of leather to delicately emphasize the wrist, natural or black, the bracelet color’s is chosen according to the rider’s own tastes. Tone on tone for a perfect match with the color of your horse’s hair or a leather color that brings more contrast to your jewel, it’s up to you!