AUSICA has been creating jewelry collections from horsehair since 2011. Her main source of inspiration: horses.

AUSICA is committed to its customers:


Each piece of jewelry is entirely handmade, the horsehair is washed several times, then carefully sorted. The weaving can then take place. It is glued from a high resistance resin. The clasps used are of high quality, most of them are made of stainless steel, real silver or gold (gold and silver from French companies).


AUSICA is inspired by the current trends, that’s why each jewel is thought to satisfy the demand. We use Swiss crystals such as Swarovski, our first partner.

AUSICA also follows the Pandora trend with its Pandora model, which can be entirely customized with your own pearls or unique pearls that we offer.


Listening and satisfying our customers are part of the brand’s motto. That’s why each creation is made to measure and is entirely customizable